Nick Corona

Art Director / Graphic Designer

I’m a Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Orange County, CA. For more than ten years I have been helping clients translate ideas, values, and strategic goals into brand identities and graphic design. I work on both printed and digital media, focusing on branding, web design, messaging, editorial and typography. My work field also includes signage systems, point of sale as well as other media communications.

Core Areas


Strategy and concepts translated into effective and useful design. Brand, product, and messaging identity is my main area of expertise; no matter whether your challenge involves naming, a re-design, brand perception, POS – or just a logo. Working as your partner, from onset to execution, to create a product that is successful culturally and commercially.


Brands and people connect through personality. Understanding consumer needs and current trends I can craft and build effective brand strategies  that can reach across any and all touch points.

Digital Design

Whether your branding needs are purely digital or you just need a simple website to support your offline communication, I can help get your business interactive. From web design and newsletter templates, to animation and digital presentations, I will ensure that your concepts and visual identities are integrated seamlessly into your brand strategy.

Exceptional design isn’t just about making things look pretty. It’s about creating value by making design more meaningful, useful & engaging.


Branding & Strategy

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Web Design

Art Direction


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Driven to create

I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the best clients and have established a reputation for always bringing innovation to the table with every project.

Agency Experience
Projects Completed

By far the best designer I've ever worked with. Truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it!

Tom Vanden Berge -

The design ended up being better than I could've envisioned!

Pat Flynn, Ducati North America

An amazing experience!

Brock Taylor, Diehard Scarves